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It Is Really Simple

  • Before buying world currencies first you have to create a trustline to the asset being exchanged in your wallet. The account issuer for all assets is GBANKIPYLOQ22HODF7RSQXB6Y3X46USJPSEFTOISSNQZPU6EKCRKACYU and the home domain is if you want to search for available assets
  • In order to buy currencies just scan the QR-code using your wallet, a payment operation will be created to send the XLM amount you wish to spend to the following bank address GBANK5M4FONHN2PLMVDWFJOW7QQCN4YSLDHD5ZL6AOL3ZG2ELSRUJB47 The currency code you wish to buy goes in the memo field, the bots will autommatically fill the order at the current price and send the currencies right back to your wallet
  • Once the assets are in your wallet you can buy products from all countries, send them to other wallets or sell them in any of the Stellar Decentralized Exchanges available, no chargebacks, no limits, worldwide, in just seconds. That's the beauty of a digital bank truly designed for modern times
  • All Currencies In Your Wallet